Testimonials from our Customers

What can I say but awesome! I drive from Denver to get me glasses at Aspen Eyewear. They do a great job. Not just in the quality of the product but in the way they make sure the glasses fit you and look great. They know their products. I have tried other eyeglass shops and they just don't do as good of a job with adjustment or with making sure that you look great in the eyeglasses. My wife and I always get compliments on the the glasses we get there.

Larry H.

After recent eye surgery for a medical condition and some other complicating vision issues, I was in need of some out of the ordinary correction. I have used a few opticians in and around Boulder in my years here, but Aspen is the one I have the longest history with. I decided to return to them this time to see what they could suggest and provide.

The staff had lots of good advice, were extraordinarily helpful, discussed some options with me and we balanced what I thought I wanted to do with what they knew was realistic and I am pleased with the results. Multiple people helped me ever so graciously. I received my first and most important set of glasses today, just in time for some back to back trips. Because of surgical precautions I was not able to be Rx tested earlier by my health provider so this was a tight schedule fit. Just the way it was, but Aspen really came through. After being pleased with this first step, I ordered another option to supplement my vision in some specific sets of circumstances. They knew just what to do.

The staff and ownership here are very accommodating, they are up to date on frame styles and lens options, and in a great location with ample parking, a Boulder must have!

Sara M.

The best eyewear selection in Boulder! I've been coming here for years and I'm never disappointed. Dottie helped me on my latest visit and she is exceptional! They have so many choices that it makes the process so much easier.

Julie B.
I've been a client here for many years, as have both of my now adult children, although one has moved away now. IMHO, Aspen is the best eyewear store in Boulder. You don't have to take my word for it, just read the reviews here, and also know that they have won more awards for their service than any other eyewear store around.

Some other reviewers claim Aspen is very expensive, but I've found there are always choices that are less so too. I tend to pick about 10 frames I like, try them all on, and usually end up with very reasonably priced ones that hold up for several years, are fashionable, and look great on me. They have even worked with me on using some of my old frames if they can. Also, they have repaired frames I didn't even buy from them, for free too.

Other shops in town don't have nearly as many frames to choose from. The big chains usually don't have anything I like, or any that work for my face shape, and many of the chains have poor quality, cheap frames that won't last more than a year. Many others stores in town are just as expensive, or more. I tend to stay away from the chains though as I never seem to find anything I like, or get the quality and excellent service I get at Aspen.

I tried switching to some of the other shops around town over the past 23 years, but I always end up back at Aspen for their incredible frames selection, their first class optical department, and customer service.

I trust the optometrist here, more than any other I've seen - Michael Bollenbacher.

I decided my eyesight is worth the best I can afford, and they will work with me if y finances are hurting.

Jill E.

Dottie is super helpful and knowledgeable. We are very happy we went here for glasses and we'll be back in the future. Dr. Bollenbacher is great, too! Super friendly.

Kyla L.
Carrie the optician was incredibly helpful to me and I hadn't even purchased my glasses there! I do see Dr. Bollenbacher for prescriptions at Aspen and he is fabulous. After my experience with Carrie, I would definitely consider ordering glasses there as well. She went out of her way to help me with the questions that I had regarding my internet purchased glasses!!! Exceptional, welcoming, and knowledgeable service!
Camilla L.

Sounds like YMMV from other reviewers. I went to Aspen for service on a pair of treasured $500 sunglasses that had been beat up over the years, dropped, and eventually sat on. There is nothing like these made any more and they are my irreplacable favorites. When I tried to repair them myself yet again, the frame screw broke off in the frame and I realized I needed to look for a professional repair shop. I was hesitant to trust them to any one, but I read the reviews on Aspen and took a chance. Dottie and Heinz took them in, drilled the broken screw out, straightened them, swapped out the lenses with some extras I'd ordered, and generally resurrected them from the dead, and even fine tuned them back onto my head for a precise fit. When I asked how much I owed them, they refused to take my money, and then asked me if I needed a free protective case. I kid you not! They may be expensive, but I don't know another shop in Boulder that could have served me better. They're the real deal for high quality eyewear.

Josh R.